Donation Day!

Donation Day!

Today we had the opportunity to make our first delivery; the mens coats to match our Pre Order sales. Our first chosen charity was Project Warmth Society of Alberta. 

Immediately upon talking to Lydia, one of their dedicated liaisons, we couldn't have been more thrilled with our partnership. The passion, commitment, and vibrance from her was inspiring - she, and Project Warmth, are truly doing their very best in making sure that all Canadians have access to warm winter clothing, and we love that. Listening to her talk made it impossible to not share her vision as well as feel her compassion in helping others. 

When talking about their mission, Lydia couldn't help but get emotional when describing the harsh reality that too many Canadians face during winter. We all take for granted that when reading this, enduring cold weather against our will - or even surviving it, are not realities we face. That's not the case for some. And while today was awesome, it was also enlightening: there's still so much work to be done. We won't stop until everyone in this country has a Warm winter coat to rely on in winter. There shouldn't be a barrier to good, warm clothes in Canada and our company is determined to remove it.

Our community is small, but it is way larger than when we started a couple of months ago. With your help, we will continue to grow. If you purchased a coat for yourself - thank you. Without you, we wouldn't be able to do this together today. Even if you haven't ordered a coat, thank you for being a part of this journey so far and know that every time you like, comment, follow, and share - you're helping our community grow, in turn helping more people get Warm. We truly appreciate the momentum we've gained so far and it's all a testament to the good nature and kindness that we all have; which is something easy to overlook or forget about in today's day and age. 

Today was the first step in actualizing our mission, and it was a good one. 

We can't take the next one without you, follow along with us and join our community!

Watch the donation below:


@warm.coats Our first donation! Today was awesome: meeting Lydia and her telling us her own story, as well the charity she works for and what it means to the people who founded it. Everyone at Project Warmth, is (in our most humble opinion) way overworked! But their commitment to bringing warm clothes to all those who need it is inspiring. From us at Warm, thank you. To those who’ve ordered their own coat - today wouldn’t be even remotely possible without your contributions. And even if you’re joining along by engaging with us on social media - thank you too. We have our mission, we have our “why,” now we just need more people to hear it. Our next delivery will be our women’s coats, and we want to make it a good one! Order your coat to have your donation contribute to the next delivery. About us: Warm Coats is the first socially conscious winter coat company. Every time you buy a coat, an equal coat is donated to someone in need. One for one, same coat, same warmth. We believe warm winterwear is a right, not a luxury - and our mission is to bring coats to Canadians, from Canadians. We’re based in Calgary, Alberta and deliver coats all across Canada. We’ll be working with registered charities across the nation to bring Warm winter clothing to all Canadians. #warm #loveiswarm #staywarm #helpothers #community #clothing #canada #alberta #love #wintercoat #calgary #helpothers #donation #trending #question #askanything #letsgetviral #warmsocialcoats #winter #winterfit ♬ Piano Love - TonsTone





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