Our 2nd Donation Day!

Our 2nd Donation Day!

Wow. There's only been two of them so far, but I don't think we could ever get sick of these. The excitement, joy, and fulfilment from bringing winter coats to organizations who really need them is a really special feeling. Not even the dry, sub-25 degree air could take away from the warmth of joining our company to Project Warmth Society for a second time. 

This time, we brought them our women's coats. 

We had the pleasure of Calgary's own "Calgary Mayor Elect," Josh DeGroot join for this donation, and he was floored by the energy flowing from Project Warmth, and from Lydia, their Administrative Coordinator. She greeted us energetically, talking about how their winter season was going and how this next donation would be very useful in meeting the ever-increasing demand. Lydia assists Project Warmth in being a liaison for a host of different organizations and programs that direly need resources through winter. The rapidly changing economic state of the world has left more people unable to provide for themselves adequately, and Canada is not excluded from this. Another issue stemming from this is people having less of a capacity to give, which compounds the problem and makes resources even scarcer. 

The start of this journey has launched something that's only beginning. 

We have so much more exciting things coming down the pipeline, and we're ecstatic to have the chance to grow together with you. Each day, our community grows a little bit bigger. We believe that to be the proof that each of us are innately kind at our core, and that we just need vehicles to manifest that part of us. Love is warm, and love is kind. And it always wins!

While Warm is a still in its infancy, the fact that we've still been able to make even a small impact is something we're extremely grateful for. We have a very long ways to go, but every day we're closer than the day before. 

And we genuinely could not and cannot do it without you! Everyone who has supported our cause directly by getting some clothes, as well as everyone who's engaged with us on social media have made something happen - while planting some seeds for a profoundly positive impact in the coming years. 

And we can't wait. 

Check out the donation video here:


@warm.coats Our FAVOURITE way to talk about our stuff is through happy people, with full hearts from what we bring them. Warm Coats is the first socially conscious winter coat company. Everything from our store contributes to more warm coats for people in need. These could be people experiencing homelessness, loss of job, or extreme financial hardship preventing them from accessing warm coats during winter. At Warm we believe warm winterwear is a right, not a luxury - and our mission is to bring coats to Canadians, from Canadians. We are almost out of hoodies! Each hoodie will contribute to more winter coats for people in need. We’re based in Calgary, Alberta and deliver coats all across Canada. We work with registered charities across the nation to bring Warm winter clothing to all Canadians. #yyc #staywarm #helpothers #community #clothing #canada #alberta #love #wintercoat #calgary #helpothers #donation #trending #question #askanything #letsgetviral #warmsocialcoats #winter #winterfit #fyp #hoodieszn #hoodie #CapCut ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim


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