Snuggle yourself in warmth with the softest polar fleece.

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Premium Men's Polar Fleece Hoodie (Black)

Premium Men's Polar Fleece Hoodie (Black)

"My husband works outside and said this has been the best hoodie he has ever owned for the cold temperatures. -40 with the windchill and he was toasty warm with just a t-shirt underneath and summer coveralls. They are worth every penny." - Tina N.

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Stay Snuggled in Soft Heat

It'll be hard to decide what you like better about our Polar Fleece: how it's downy soft, or how the microfibres lock heat inside better than any other hoodie.

Be the Light in Someone's Winter Darkness

This is the nations warmest hoodie for two reasons:

  • It'll keep you cozy for years to come
  • Every hoodies helps provide winter coats for people in need

Embrace Warmth and the Spirit of the Bear

The Native Cree word for bear is "Maskwa." This is perfect because:

  • It pays homage to our 100% Indigneous ownership
  • Bears are protective, strong, and nurturing (Mama Bears are fierce for their own!)
  • Bears are masters of preparation: or they don't survive the winter. That's what we do by bringing coats to protect people in winter

30 Day Money Back Guarantee + Hassle Free Exchanges

Our Polar Fleece is a bestseller for a reason. We’re so confident you’ll love it, if you’re unhappy upon receiving it, we’ll send you your money back.

Need to exchange? We'll have it picked up from your house and a new one will be sent your way.

Premium hoodie fans, this one's for you. While it's not as Warm as our winter coats, it gives an average coat a run for its money. These hoodies are ultra-thick and toasty Warm, designed for chilly days and cold rooms. 

Made with premium cotton outside and polar fleece lining the interior, you'll find your Warm hoodie is the only hoodie you want to wear all winter.

But this hoodie wouldn't be Warm if it didn't make you and someone else Warm too.

That's why every hoodie sold directly contributes to putting more Warm coats onto people who really need them. The proceeds from each hoodie sold go towards providing more winter coats for those in need; helping further us in our goal of making sure everyone can stay Warm this winter, regardless of their own circumstances. 

So when you buy your hoodie, you aren't just gifting yourself a hoodie. Your purchase brings you a cozy, high-quality hoodie, helps bring more coats to those in need, and allows you to support the cause of making more Canadians Warm this winter. The price tag is designed to do all of this in the most efficient way we can. Now it's up to you! 

Winter coats make for an incredibly difficult obstacle for thousands to overcome, and we believe that Warm winter clothes are a right, not a luxury. Unfortunately for many, this isn't the case. But every time you put your Warm hoodie on, take pride in the fact that someone else is also keeping Warm this winter because of your contribution.


  • Naturally-Milled Cotton
  • Polar Fleece

Shipping & Returns

Shipping to anywhere in the world, rates depending on where you are. Optimal rates for Canada.

Not satisified or it doesn't fit? Return your item for a free exchange or a full refund. Read our reviews - we make it easy for you! 

Care Instructions

● Machine wash cold, on gentle cycle

● Do not soak

● Do not bleach

● Do not tumble dry

● Hang to dry

● Do not twist or wring

● Do not store stuffed or wet

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Forget Shivering, Stay Snuggled.

Stay wrapped in cozy heat everywhere with the softest polar fleece microfibre interior.